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Must have been a rough night …

Darby had one wild head of hair this morning when she woke up.  Check it out!

Maybe it’s time for her first haircut.  We’ve been told her hair is “business in the front, party in the back”, a.k.a. a mullet!  It just took her SO long to actually have hair to put in a pony or pigtails I am sad to cut it off – even if it’s a little bit.

What do you think? Is it time for Darby’s first haircut?



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Color Me Happy

With all the rain, (and Darby being on the mend from being sick) the last 5 days have been spent inside!  We have only been out twice this whole week – for one trip to Target, and one to the doctor!

Darby LOVES being outside.  She asks to go outside every morning, so I’ve really had to keep her occupied to be happy being in for so many days in a row!  I am lucky though, Darby plays wonderfully by herself.  (As I am typing this she is pushing her little stroller around the kitchen) One of her favorite things to do is to color. She asks for her crayons (she knows the word) all the time!  Her favorite coloring book at the moment is her Hello Kitty one and she loves coloring with her purple crayon. Recently I brought the coloring book and crayon along with me to the store. It worked like magic, she sat in the cart and colored the entire time!


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Tornados in So Cal?

The weather has been horrible so far this week.  Even in California, were the weather is perfect  – it does rain. Boy has it been raining! Yesterday there were even tornados (I think 2) in Huntington Beach and Seal Beach, both just a few minutes from our house.  I thought I left the days of tornado warnings behind when I left Texas! Apparently not!

While the weather outside is windy, rainy and cold – I am glad for one reason – it makes it easier to keep Darby in!  Whenever she asks to go outside, all I have to say is “look, it’s raining” and she looks outside says “oh rainin” and moves on to the next thing! With her recovering from being so sick, staying in is so important.

We went to the pediatrician today and Darby is on the mend! Her ears are starting to clear up, thank GOD! The doctor did mention that if she has 2 more ear infections within the year we will have to talk tubes.  She also has a viral infection and a bacterial infection (her diaper area) both which are completely normal parts of being a toddler. Poor baby. On top of it she had to get 2 shots as part of her 18 month check up.  On the happier side of things, she is such a big girl now! The size of a 2 year old – 24 pounds (was 25 but has lost a pound since Sat because of being sick and not eating!) – in the 60th percentile for weight and 75th for height! The doctor said her vocabulary is also on point with a 2 year old.  I’m not surprised, her tantrums are too!


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Icky Sicky

Our little Darby doo has been under the weather.  I had been suspect of at least one ear infection since Thursday, but it’s so hard to be sure since she can’t TELL me if there is a problem.  By Saturday, it was clear thing’s were not right!!  After a failed hunt for an urgent care facility that would take our insurance – which included vomit in our new Jeep Wrangler and lots of screaming (both Darby, although with the insurance company sending us places we couldn’t go, I wanted to scream too!)  – we ended up just paying $70 at a pediatric urgent care.

Yep, it’s a double ear infection, again.  I am really curious if the double ear infection from November ever even cleared up.  I guess after the 2nd round of antibiotics I just figured it did, but the pediatrician never followed up.  I guess being a first time mom I am just learning as I go. This time we will follow-up until we are sure her ears are all better!

It has been a rough couple days for all of us.  Poor Darby has been miserable, not sleeping well, no appetite and a high fever until today.  Last night she spiked up to 103.2 which really scared us.  She was so hot and her eyes were barely open.  We called the pediatrician and stuck her in a luke warm bath.  The dr assured us that we were doing everything right, that since she already had the antibiotics from urgent care, there wasn’t anything more that could be done. 

Today has been better, her fever is lower – 100.4 – and she is just acting closer to her normal crazy self.  Still not interested in eating – or drinking – which is a problem. She didn’t have any wet diapers this afternoon or tonight. It’s also been really hard to get her to take the antibiotics, she doesn’t like the taste and refuses everything I try to mix it into, even milk!!!

Awhile ago Eric made a special trip to the store to buy Darby some strawberry popsicles. We figured since she isn’t drinking, maybe the frozen version would be appealing. As you can see from the picture, it did the trick!

For now we are just doing everything we can to get her back to feeling good again. We go to her regular pediatrician on Wednesday and I will be following up this time!


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Bop It

For Christmas Darby got Eric a Bop It. Do you remember when those were first big in the 80’s? Well it was a hit with everyone (especially the guys) while we were at the cabin in Big Bear for New Years. They had a great time achieving a high score and trying to beat it.  For those of you who have no idea what on earth a Bop It is – it’s a hand-held game where you either “bop it” “twist it” “pull it” or “shout it” when it tells you to. It goes pretty quick and it’s really easy to get confused! It’s a lot of fun though.

At one point I found Darby sitting on one of the chairs trying it out herself. Here’s a video I took, is it bad that I think her frustration is SO cute?

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My Heart Just Melted

When I tuck Darby into bed every night, I sing this little song to her that goes “I love you, I love you, I love you I do… I love you, I love you, Mommy loves you!”  It might sound cheesy, but she has always loved it, and I love singing it to her. (I actually got it from Gymboree – but they say “Gymbo” instead of Mommy. I just changed it because I thought it would be sweet!)  

Tonight when I sang to her it was EXTRA special.  At the end of the song Darby said “I wuv you” and gave me a big kiss!

How priceless is that! Oh I just LOVE HER to pieces!!!


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Darby’s Christmas Dress

For part of her Christmas present, Darby’s Great Aunt Lynne and Great Uncle Kevin  bought her a beautiful fancy Christmas dress from a children’s dress shop in Long Beach called Luans. As a girl Lynne shopped there for her special occasion dresses and wanted to continue the tradition with Darby.  It is such a treat and so much fun to go to Luans to pick out a dress!

We are so appreciative to Lynne and Kevin for being so generous and buying one of these special dresses for Darby!  Here are a few pictures from Christmas Day at Grandma and Grandpa Murray’s house. 

You might recognize the dress – Darby wore it when she sat on Santa’s lap too! 
(click on each picture to view them larger)

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