We’re Over Here!

Since we have more of a toddler then a baby now, and since we probably wont always have a baby and I hope to always have a site to update friends and family (and a few people who follow that I probably don’t know about!) – it was time to revamp! So welcome, hope you like the new place! I wont be deleting “Oh Baby!”, the blog will remain there, but I won’t be adding to it anymore. All my posting, pictures and videos will be here! So bookmark this page now!

 Stay tuned for pictures and video from all our holiday fun and festivities!



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6 responses to “We’re Over Here!

  1. Annie

    Testing Comments! Leave one!

  2. I’m here! I made it safely! Love the new site and your “Our Story.”

  3. Angela

    Love the new site, you’re moving up in the world! Looks great!

  4. Hi Annie,
    I’ll follow you anywhere 🙂 Do you like wordpress? Why did you change from blogger?

    • Colleen, I still like Blogger, I just needed a change! I bought the url http://www.murraymoments.com and just forwarded the adress here. WordPress is cool, a bit more basic, which I like! The only thing that’s challenging is that it’s based on CSS not HTML so it makes fancying things up harder – I like a challenge! I also like how WordPress lets you have multiple pages on your blog. Thanks for following (and thanks for the idea of the website name!) 🙂

  5. I like the new site. Will miss ‘Oh Baby’ but understand that you now have a big girl!

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