Darby’s Christmas Dress

For part of her Christmas present, Darby’s Great Aunt Lynne and Great Uncle Kevin  bought her a beautiful fancy Christmas dress from a children’s dress shop in Long Beach called Luans. As a girl Lynne shopped there for her special occasion dresses and wanted to continue the tradition with Darby.  It is such a treat and so much fun to go to Luans to pick out a dress!

We are so appreciative to Lynne and Kevin for being so generous and buying one of these special dresses for Darby!  Here are a few pictures from Christmas Day at Grandma and Grandpa Murray’s house. 

You might recognize the dress – Darby wore it when she sat on Santa’s lap too! 
(click on each picture to view them larger)


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One response to “Darby’s Christmas Dress

  1. Emi

    Annie, D looks so extremely precious. It breaks my heart that I can’t cuddle her. I could just devour those cheeks. Love you sissy,

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