Icky Sicky

Our little Darby doo has been under the weather.  I had been suspect of at least one ear infection since Thursday, but it’s so hard to be sure since she can’t TELL me if there is a problem.  By Saturday, it was clear thing’s were not right!!  After a failed hunt for an urgent care facility that would take our insurance – which included vomit in our new Jeep Wrangler and lots of screaming (both Darby, although with the insurance company sending us places we couldn’t go, I wanted to scream too!)  – we ended up just paying $70 at a pediatric urgent care.

Yep, it’s a double ear infection, again.  I am really curious if the double ear infection from November ever even cleared up.  I guess after the 2nd round of antibiotics I just figured it did, but the pediatrician never followed up.  I guess being a first time mom I am just learning as I go. This time we will follow-up until we are sure her ears are all better!

It has been a rough couple days for all of us.  Poor Darby has been miserable, not sleeping well, no appetite and a high fever until today.  Last night she spiked up to 103.2 which really scared us.  She was so hot and her eyes were barely open.  We called the pediatrician and stuck her in a luke warm bath.  The dr assured us that we were doing everything right, that since she already had the antibiotics from urgent care, there wasn’t anything more that could be done. 

Today has been better, her fever is lower – 100.4 – and she is just acting closer to her normal crazy self.  Still not interested in eating – or drinking – which is a problem. She didn’t have any wet diapers this afternoon or tonight. It’s also been really hard to get her to take the antibiotics, she doesn’t like the taste and refuses everything I try to mix it into, even milk!!!

Awhile ago Eric made a special trip to the store to buy Darby some strawberry popsicles. We figured since she isn’t drinking, maybe the frozen version would be appealing. As you can see from the picture, it did the trick!

For now we are just doing everything we can to get her back to feeling good again. We go to her regular pediatrician on Wednesday and I will be following up this time!



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4 responses to “Icky Sicky

  1. Aw, poor Darby! Our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th babies had lots of ear infections, so they all got ear tubes. Now we have no more infections, and no more antibiotics! Maybe Darby needs them? I hope everything clears up and she feels better 🙂

  2. Laquita

    Same thoughts as Collen (above). Tubes are no biggie, don’t worry Mommy!

  3. Angela

    Poor Darby doo! And poor mommy and daddy! That is alot to deal with!

  4. Ashley

    Poor Darby! Try letting Darby help “feed” medicine to a favorite doll or stuffed animal (who also happenes to be sick) and see if Darby will be more likely to take her medicine. This might help, but in the end it is still yucky!

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