Color Me Happy

With all the rain, (and Darby being on the mend from being sick) the last 5 days have been spent inside!  We have only been out twice this whole week – for one trip to Target, and one to the doctor!

Darby LOVES being outside.  She asks to go outside every morning, so I’ve really had to keep her occupied to be happy being in for so many days in a row!  I am lucky though, Darby plays wonderfully by herself.  (As I am typing this she is pushing her little stroller around the kitchen) One of her favorite things to do is to color. She asks for her crayons (she knows the word) all the time!  Her favorite coloring book at the moment is her Hello Kitty one and she loves coloring with her purple crayon. Recently I brought the coloring book and crayon along with me to the store. It worked like magic, she sat in the cart and colored the entire time!



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2 responses to “Color Me Happy

  1. Laquita

    Glad to see Darby’s happy little face. You can see she’s feeling better. Thank goodness for Crayons, coloring books and antibiotics!

  2. So glad to hear she is feeling better! Coloring is a wonderful activity — my kids always liked it as well. Darby is such a cutie!
    Aunt Monica

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