Just Perfect

We had an AWESOME time on our mini vacay up north.  The campground was perfect, Darby slept perfectly every single night and the weather couldn’t have been better.  It was so much fun being away from distractions and having some serious quality time as a family.  I took a TON of pictures, of course. I think the grand total was close to 300.  Get me out of the house and I turn paparazzi, mostly on Darby!! I just can’t resist.

We had a great Valentines Day, filled with hikes, treats and a romantic candle light dinner (Darby was in bed) of grilled asparagus, potatoes and bacon wrapped scallops!  I got some fun surprises from Eric, from the 99cent store.  Yes, the dollar store. Yes, I was happy! We aren’t big on huge gifts for Valentines Day and we were already spending money on the camping trip, so the dollar store was a perfect choice.  I got some perfume (which was basically a joke, but it sort of  smells like Chanel), some candy, some lotion and a hat.  The hat is the one Darby is wearing in the hiking pictures, it was too small for my head!  

My favorite part of my surprises was my card.  It’s always so nice to hear the sweet things Eric writes in cards.  I think I get about 3 per year, if he gets cards for all occasions.   Anniversary, Valentines and Birthday. Oh, I guess I can add Mothers Day to that list now. (Yay! I love getting cards!) Anyway, it’s usually a cross between utterly romantic/sweet and hilarious.  This years Valentines Day card didn’t disappoint. I will spare you some of the cheesy sweetness, but I can’t help but share the funny!  As Eric said in my card:

“It makes me so happy that we are trailer trash rather than hotel snobs. We are the perfect match.”

Now that’s love. 🙂

Hope each of you had a fun filled holiday weekend too!


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  1. Laquita

    Love the slide show! Hard to believe this happy little soul is almost two years old, what a beautiful family!

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