Puppy Kisses

Every night when she heads to bed, Darby gives out her kisses to me, her Papa and our “puppy” Billie. (She is not a puppy, in fact she’s a senior in boxer years, she’s almost 8! But to us, she’s a puppy!) It’s so sweet to get her kisses and even Billie seems to enjoy it. Here’s a video from our camping trip of Darby giving Billie LOTS of kisses!

 Last week we had to take poor Billie to the vet to get a tumor removed.  She did awesome and has spent the last week being lazy and recovering.  We put a t-shirt on her to keep her from infecting and licking her stitches and put her antibiotics and pain pills in hot dogs! She is such a great dog and SO good and patient with Darby – and boy does Darby LOVE Billie.  We are so lucky to be blessed with a great dog in our little family.



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2 responses to “Puppy Kisses

  1. Ann

    That is so precious! We have a golden retriever/lab mix named Hank & he is so good with Nate. Nate is always hugging on him & giving him kisses. Isn’t it so sweet when they do that?! Darby is just adorable!!

  2. Laquita


    So sorry you’re going through this ordeal. I know what it’s like to age, I’ll be six years old in September!


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