I have been waiting for the day when I’m able to blog “Darby-isms” once a week because as we all know – kids say the darndest things!  Well, I don’t have anything incredibly hilarious to blog about YET.  I’m sure I will soon enough since Darby has recently started saying SOME sentences.

Here are a few:

“Open the door!”
“Papa/Mama/Billie where are you?”
“Strawberry milk please!”
“I got it!”
“Wake up!”

“Oh man! What happened?”

The last one is my favorite.  I really need to catch it on video because it is pretty funny! Darby is such a silly girl.


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  1. Ann

    Nate’s newest phrase is “What’s up, dude?” It is so funny when he says it! He is also now saying Kyndle instead of “baby” when he talks to her, which is really sweet. Love this pic of Darby by the way…she is just so precious!!

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