Reclaiming the Livingroom

There’s no question about it, babies require a LOT of stuff.  I remember when we started our baby registry before Darby was born, the amount of stuff we had to pick out was overwhelming.  All the stuff is fun (for the most part) and cute, but unless you have a huge house, and we don’t, all the stuff will take over the stuff you already had!  Our house was beginning to feel like it was straight off an episode of “Hoarders” on TLC. OK, maybe not that bad. After all, I like to believe I have inherited SOME of my mother’s clean genes, so it was more like clutter.  None the less, the clutter was getting to us and we needed a serious early spring cleaning.

So I arranged a garage sale for us to have one of the last Saturdays in February.  I posted ads on and put up signs. We got up bright and early, dropped Darby off with her Grammy and Grandpa Murray and got to selling.  It was beyond a success. Not only did we get rid of things we hadn’t used in a year, we made $484.75! 

We were able to get our extra bedroom all cleaned out – with the exception of the closet, we have some luggage , a filing cabinet, photos and board games stored in there still.  But the even better news? Not only is our livingroom organized and de-cluttered, but Darby has a playroom! 

We got her a cute table and chairs from Ikea too! She loves her playroom and so do I! Not only is it wonderful to have the toys out of the livingroom, but she plays so wonderfully in there.  I can fold laundry or get a chore done without interruption (most times!) while she plays away entertaining herself.  She loves to cook with her play food, play with her little people doll house/barn and sit at her table and color. 

It’s also fun with friends!

Of course, we love playing in there with her too and do everyday!! For now we are going to enjoy the decluttered livingroom and fun playroom while we can!


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One response to “Reclaiming the Livingroom

  1. Ann

    That’s awesome! I wish we had an extra room to do that with, but alas, Nate’s toys have totally taken over our livingroom. Cute table!! And it is super sweet that she entertains herself. 🙂

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