The Best Part of the Basket

Darby’s Easter basket before:

Darby’s Easter basket AFTER:

Darby loved seeing what the Easter Bunny had brought her on Easter Sunday morning.  Clearly her favorite part was the grass, and YES she helped pick it all up after!  There is just nothing like harmless messy fun like that, and she was totally adorable too!

We had a GREAT Easter, stay tuned for more pictures/video to come once I have the chance to get it all uploaded!!



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2 responses to “The Best Part of the Basket

  1. Kelli

    Hilarious!! Coincidentally that was Delaney’s favorite part also…weird huh? Silly girls!! Glad you all had a wonderful Easter!!

  2. Love those pictures! I’m such a loser – I didn’t put grass in the baskets this year. In fact, only 2 kids had baskets, one had a gift bag, and one had a bowl. It was a frugal Easter 🙂

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