Easter 2010

This week has been so packed with activities I am STILL not sure what my recipe of the week will be – BUT I am finally getting around to posting about Easter!

Our Easter was perfect. It is so nice having so much family close by to celebrate with.  Darbys Great Aunt Lynne and Great Uncle Kevin bought her a special Easter dress again this year and she just looked adorable. (Thank you both!!)  We celebrated with Erics side of the family for brunch and then headed to Redondo to see my parents for dinner.  It was a fun-filled day.  Darby even had some firsts: eating jelly beans and the ears of a chocolate bunny. She now officially knows “candy” “jelly bean” and “chocolate”, not sure if this is a cute, good or bad thing.  She has tried asking for jelly beans  in the morning since, but that is just not gonna happen! She loved the egg hunts! The Easter bunny had them for her at every house! She started her morning off hunting in our livingroom, then hunted at her Grammy and Grandpas house, and of course at Grammy Cookie and Grandads house too!!

Here’s a slideshow from our day:r


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  1. Angela

    I love her Easter dress and bow! It is so cute how she is old enough to hunt for eggs, even if they are in the most obvious places 🙂 Hugs to D!

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