Monsters in The Playroom?

Lately after playing happily in her playroom for a bit, Darby will yell “Ahhh!” run out and say that a monster, or dinosaur scared her.  Sometimes she says specifically, “the monster with the apple” – I’m pretty sure she is talking about the witch from Snow White with that one.  No more Snow White movie, no more Snow White ride at Disneyland!  There is a part on the ride, where you turn a corner and the witch, holding the apple, comes out a door.  The last time we rode it Darby jumped and I realized it scared her for the first time!

While I don’t like knowing that Darby is scared, it’s hard not to find the whole – there’s a monster in the playroom – bit kind of cute and amusing.  After all, we know there’s not REALLY monsters or dinosaurs in there. If you ask her where it is, she will point and say ‘right there!” 

Here’s a video – it’s not as soon as she ran out declaring the monster had scared her, but right after.  What an imagination!



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3 responses to “Monsters in The Playroom?

  1. Rachelle

    Oh my goodness! Jackson just started doing that as well, but they are in his closets! He loves monsters – when he sees them in books or on his pajamas, so I thought it would be cute to let him watch some of Monsters, Inc. He is not scared of them, but he will use it as a reason for us to come back in his room after we put him to bed! “Papa, monsters! (With a smile on his face and his finger pointing into his closet). They are just too cute! Makes you realize just how much our little sponges soak up.

    BTW I think Disney rides need to be revised. The little kid rides are mighty frightening! I’m seeing them in a completely different light! 🙂

  2. Laquita

    Monsters aside, Darby’s little voice is so cute when she said “You’re sweet”.

  3. holly

    That’s too cute! I love her little voice. Amelia says monster and scary in her bedroom!

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