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Sorry for the lack of posting! We are here and all is well!!  Baking baby #2 (plus tending to Darby), has left me exhausted and hormonal and I just haven’t had the energy (or patience) to sit and post to my blog! I’m hoping that will change soon, being in my 12th week now I am focused on the light at the end of the 1st trimester tunnel, and praying I feel better after 13.33 weeks! 

For the past 5 days Eric has been gone, cycling from Sacramento to Orange County (they reach the OC this afternoon!) in support of and honoring Fallen Officers and their families with Project 999.  I am incredibly proud of his accomplishment and dedication! He trained for months and raised over a thousand dollars for the charity.  Tonight we will meet up with him at 5 in Santa Ana for a bbq reception and candle light vigil to honor Fallen Officers.  We can not wait to see him! Just this morning Darby said in a whiney voice “see papa”.  I agreed completely, 5 days as a single parent has been exhausting.  But I did get a break on Saturday (Thank You Lynne and Kevin!!) while I went to my best friends baby shower! 

In other news: We have been able to hear our little Berry’s heartbeat with my doppler now everyday!  Darby loves hearing it and even gets the doppler and asks to “listen baby sister”, it is so sweet.  I was supposed to have a appointment today with an ultrasound, but someone had the nerve to go into labor and require MY Dr. for delivery! Can you imagine! 🙂 I am sure I did that to someone when I had Darby, but having to reschedule is always a bummer! Now my appointment is set for a week from Thursday on June 3rd! (I can NOT believe we are almost in JUNE!) I’m sure I will set our appointment for our anatomy scan when we will find out the gender next week too. I can’t wait!

With that, I will leave you with a little video of Darby at the park a few weekends ago.  She loves the slide and will climb up to it and go down it all on her own now. Such a big girl!  Excuse the dirt all over her face – it’s just part of playing at the park and being a kid! Enjoy!


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Too Fast!

Darby loves making animal noises.  Today when she was roaring like a Tiger I said “I’m scared!”  She came running up to me and said “No scared Mommy! I Darby!” and hugged me! It was so adorable. She is just growing up way to quick.

Speaking of growing up, she is 22 months old today!  I have no idea where the last 22 months have gone, but I just can’t believe in 2 months we will have two-year old.  I just love her age right now so much and am in no hurry for those terrible twos.  Right now she loves to help clean up, she goes to bed without fuss (more often than not!), she will happily eat a whole bowl of broccoli if I put it in front of her and I can still dress her in whatever I want. 

I’m sure the next 2 months will fly, just like the other 22 did and with a blink of an eye we will have a two-year old!  I just hope the two’s aren’t THAT terrible!

Ironically, lately our little girl that’s growing too fast loves to play that she is a baby! Here are a few pictures I snapped of the “baby” fussing in her cradle! (The cradle was my doll cradle when i was little!)


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A Conversation with Darby

This was a conversation I had with Darby this morning before we left for Gymboree class.  It’s too cute not to share with everyone right away! 

Darby is convinced the baby is a “sister”.  If you ask her if it’s a baby brother she will tell you “no!” and correct you by saying “a baby sister!”  On the way to Gymboree this morning she said “Mommy? Baby sister present?” I think she must have overheard me telling someone how this baby will be a perfect Christmas present! What a memory she has already!  We will see if there is any stock to her prediction in July (we can’t wait to know!).  She has a 50/50 chance!!

I on the other hand, go back and forth from having no clue, to thinking it’s a boy.  With Darby I always knew she was a girl from the beginning.  I also had a few dreams about having a baby girl when I was pregnant with her, before we had found out she was in fact a girl!  Every dream I have had so far this pregnancy about our baby, the gender isn’t clear!  There’s no distinct pink or blue or boy or girl name! So for now, I just have no clue! Once I God-willingly get into my 2nd trimester I hope to put up a poll so you all can vote on what you think our little berry will be!


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A Perfect Mother’s Day!

Yesterday was absolutely fantastic!!  Have I mentioned how much I love love love being a Mommy? I do. Dream comme true, tough times and all.  Wouldn’t change anything for the world.   Spending any day as a family having fun is awesome, but Mother’s Day just feels extra special! 

We had a fun day in Long Beach at the Aquarium (where Darby LOVED touching sharks, sting rays and starfish!) and grabbing a relaxing lunch at Shorline Village. Highlight of my day? While we were driving in the car, my favorite little voice from the back seat says “Mommy? Happy Mothers Day!”  Nothing can beat that!

Here are some pictures from our fun day!

I’m sorry for the lack of posting last week.  So far, this pregnancy has been harder than my pregnancy with Darby.  Or at least as far as I can remember. I know I felt sick with Darby, but also didn’t have anyone to chase after, and wasn’t working so I could lay down when I wanted to!  This time around laying down when the nausea hits isn’t always an option!  Not to mention the nausea has put a glitch in my recipes of the week.  Don’t really have much of a desire to cook or try anything new! Hopefully I’ll get back on track (I do really enjoy doing my recipe of the week!) once this first trimester is over! I am working on my 10th week (you can see my ticker on the right!)  so I pray an end to the icky sickies is near! I have to admit, I like feeling this way for one reason – it makes me more certain that all is well with our little pink/blue berry! 

Hope all the Mommies out there had an awesome day feeling special and appreciated like I did!


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Darby Wants You To Know …

… she is going to be a BIG SISTER in December!! 

We are so excited to share our happy news with you that we will be adding to our family!!  I am starting to work on my 9th week, on progesterone since the day after we found out and just hoping and praying that we will be holding a happy, healthy little brother or sister for Darby next December! Due date is December 11th, the perfect Christmas present!

(I was concerned after our car accident last Tuesday, so the Dr did an ultrasound to check on our little berry on Thursday. So happy (and relieved!) to report that all is well!  I guess we had 3 guardian angels in the car with us that day!!)


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