Darby Wants You To Know …

… she is going to be a BIG SISTER in December!! 

We are so excited to share our happy news with you that we will be adding to our family!!  I am starting to work on my 9th week, on progesterone since the day after we found out and just hoping and praying that we will be holding a happy, healthy little brother or sister for Darby next December! Due date is December 11th, the perfect Christmas present!

(I was concerned after our car accident last Tuesday, so the Dr did an ultrasound to check on our little berry on Thursday. So happy (and relieved!) to report that all is well!  I guess we had 3 guardian angels in the car with us that day!!)



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3 responses to “Darby Wants You To Know …

  1. Laquita

    Now Darby will have a sibling to help her keep the “monsters” out of her playroom She is going to be the cutest big sister ever! I can’t tell you how excited I am for you and Eric!

  2. Ann Bramlette

    Love the shirt! So glad that all is well with your bean. A December baby will be awesome…you can get a really cute outfit for him/her to wear at Christmas!! 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness!!! I am sooooooo happy for the Murray family! What a great tax deduction…good planning 😉 yay for babies! I hope you aren’t feeling too sick Annie. Congrats!!!!!!!

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