A Perfect Mother’s Day!

Yesterday was absolutely fantastic!!  Have I mentioned how much I love love love being a Mommy? I do. Dream comme true, tough times and all.  Wouldn’t change anything for the world.   Spending any day as a family having fun is awesome, but Mother’s Day just feels extra special! 

We had a fun day in Long Beach at the Aquarium (where Darby LOVED touching sharks, sting rays and starfish!) and grabbing a relaxing lunch at Shorline Village. Highlight of my day? While we were driving in the car, my favorite little voice from the back seat says “Mommy? Happy Mothers Day!”  Nothing can beat that!

Here are some pictures from our fun day!

I’m sorry for the lack of posting last week.  So far, this pregnancy has been harder than my pregnancy with Darby.  Or at least as far as I can remember. I know I felt sick with Darby, but also didn’t have anyone to chase after, and wasn’t working so I could lay down when I wanted to!  This time around laying down when the nausea hits isn’t always an option!  Not to mention the nausea has put a glitch in my recipes of the week.  Don’t really have much of a desire to cook or try anything new! Hopefully I’ll get back on track (I do really enjoy doing my recipe of the week!) once this first trimester is over! I am working on my 10th week (you can see my ticker on the right!)  so I pray an end to the icky sickies is near! I have to admit, I like feeling this way for one reason – it makes me more certain that all is well with our little pink/blue berry! 

Hope all the Mommies out there had an awesome day feeling special and appreciated like I did!



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4 responses to “A Perfect Mother’s Day!

  1. Katy

    The ickies are good, they suck but it is comforting!
    We miss your recipes so hopefully soon you feel better. I was throwing up the whole time with Enzo….maybe a blue berry 🙂

  2. Laquita

    My thoughts exactly (like Katy). If these “ickies” are different than with Darby, it may well be a boy. I was “sick” with my boys, but not my girls.
    Another Angel’s baseball fan warming up?????

  3. Kelli

    Glad you guys had a wonderful Mother’s Day! Hope you start to feel better soon! I know the feeling…I think Brent & Delaney had take out/frozen dinners etc for about 6 wks when I felt my worst. Hang in there- have you tried zofran yet? It helps! And yes literally a week into my 2nd trimester I started to feel better. I also think taking prometrium makes the nausea worse so when you can stop taking that, it helps also! Thinking of you!!!!

  4. I feel for ya Annie. I lived with my head in the toilet from weeks 6-12. And weeks 8-10 were the worst! You’re almost there 🙂 We did a lot of take out and McDonald’s cheeseburgers (I craved them) during those times. Oh, and I ate TONS of protein, especially eggs and nuts. Give that baby a rub from me!!

    P.S. I was sicker with Maggie than the boys – so it’s all irrelevant…

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