A Conversation with Darby

This was a conversation I had with Darby this morning before we left for Gymboree class.  It’s too cute not to share with everyone right away! 

Darby is convinced the baby is a “sister”.  If you ask her if it’s a baby brother she will tell you “no!” and correct you by saying “a baby sister!”  On the way to Gymboree this morning she said “Mommy? Baby sister present?” I think she must have overheard me telling someone how this baby will be a perfect Christmas present! What a memory she has already!  We will see if there is any stock to her prediction in July (we can’t wait to know!).  She has a 50/50 chance!!

I on the other hand, go back and forth from having no clue, to thinking it’s a boy.  With Darby I always knew she was a girl from the beginning.  I also had a few dreams about having a baby girl when I was pregnant with her, before we had found out she was in fact a girl!  Every dream I have had so far this pregnancy about our baby, the gender isn’t clear!  There’s no distinct pink or blue or boy or girl name! So for now, I just have no clue! Once I God-willingly get into my 2nd trimester I hope to put up a poll so you all can vote on what you think our little berry will be!



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3 responses to “A Conversation with Darby

  1. Angela

    She is too funny! She won’t know what to do if it’s a boy…! She will be all confused 🙂

  2. holly

    That is waaaay too cute! She’s so verbal. Baby sister, eh? 🙂

  3. Rachelle

    I love the kiss she blew! So animated!

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