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Goodbye To My…

…  20’s!  I can’t believe today is my last day being a “twenty-something!”  I admittedly love being where I am now as opposed to being 22 again, but there is something to be said for turning the big 3-0.  Being thirty just sounds older.  Key word, older. Time is passing so quickly!  I sware it was yesterday that I had just moved out here to California after graduating from college and I was 22!  Since I hit the “real world” it feels sort of  like life moves in fast forward. Ok, maybe not exactly like fast forward, but fast enough. I practically have a 2 year old!  For instance: I now choose wine over a vodka/diet coke, go to bed no later than 10pm every night  and words like “potty”, “mi-mi” (sleep) or “poo-poo” are part of my daily vocabulary.  Life certainly does change the more years you add-on!  Don’t get me wrong, once I get past the feeling old part, I just know I am going to LOVE being 30.  What’s not to love already?  Baby #2 is going to be born in my 30th year, my best friend (that is due ON my 30th birthday) will have a new baby boy,  the adoption of my 1st niece is going to be finalized (God willing!) and in October, my brother and sister-in-law are having a baby girl – that makes niece #2!!  With so much new life to celebrate, I think I can handle watching another year of mine go by.

(Getting my 1st haircut from my Great Grandma – Mom’s side)



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I Love Handmade!

I am in love with! I have been for a long time. I love to browse and “window shop” and dream of all I want to buy from all the handmade crafters! Recently I caved and bought something for Darby (imagine that!).  While we live in Southern California, where the weather is known to be “perfect” occasionally it cools off, like in the winter months, enough to need to “keep warm”! For that reason, I HAD to splurge on these:

You can find the cutest – and custom-made crochet and knitted hats and a few other items here:

Little hats like this are just a must if you have a little girl!!


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Pool Babe

We recently got Darby a new pool since she pretty much is too big of a girl now for her little splash pad from last summer!  She LOVES her new “Giraffe Pool” as she calls it.  It has a slide (which is the most unstable, rinky dink slide EVER!) and even if she wipes out trying to climb up or down it, she laughs and laughs!

Here is a video I took of the little pool babe yesterday, being as silly as ever, having a ball splashing around!


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One Year Ago..

(I’ve been meaning to post this for weeks now. I could not let this anniversary pass by without making note of it and posting about it to share with all of you! Better late then never!)

June 2, 2009:
(waiting for Grammy’s new lungs)

June 2, 2010:

On June 2nd, we were so happy to celebrate the anniversary of my Mother in Laws SUCCESSFUL double lung transplant!  

A year later I can not help but sit and think how truly wonderful the miracle of transplants are, and how amazingly lucky that Julie (and our entire family) was able to receive SUCH  a gift!!   We are all SO proud of her for everything she had to endure during the recovery and learning to breathe on her own all over again. 

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The Best Father’s Day Surprise!

A few years back I gave Eric a PINK polo shirt.  For Fathers Day, he got a BLUE one!!

Yes, it is a BOY!  We are thrilled! Darby still says “baby sister” but we are working on her saying “baby brother.”  Of course I will have the Dr confirm again that it is a boy at my 20week anatomy scan. I have to say, I’d been feeling boy and wasn’t surprised when I found out it was one!  My pregnancy just felt so different with this babe.

Eric had no idea I had the ultrasound scheduled last week to find out.  I wanted to give him the news on Fathers Day. Since I had a sneaking suspicion it was a boy, I knew telling him on Fathers Day would make it extra special! He hadn’t been able to see an ultrasound yet, so I begged to have the session put on dvd.  When I told the tech that it was for Fathers Day, she happily agreed! 

Sharing the news with Eric was awesome.  We are so excited for our little boy to be here with us in December!!


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What’s Baking?

I am happy to say I have left the 1st trimester behind in the dust, and have moved on to bigger and better things with the 2nd trimester!  I am already feeling better, much better, and can even feel those fun baby “flutters”!  I had my NT Scan last Thursday (downs syndrome screening) and I’m happy to report that all is well with our berry!  Of course, even if we would have come across some information that would have pointed otherwise, we would use it as knowledge to prepare ourselves for life with a child that has disabilities.  We would never even consider termination. In fact, I even hate that word. Specially after everything we went through with our losses, I just can’t understand how people can do that and not value their baby’s life, even if it isn’t textbook perfect.  But, I’m not going to touch that heated debate on my blog with a 10-foot pole!!!  

I put up a poll on the right side –>->-> so VOTE! We are so excited to find out if Darby will have a baby brother or sister! The Tech at my ultrasound on Thursday gave me a guess, but it was still sort of early – I was 13 weeks 5 days, so 5 days into my 14th week.  The ultrasound picture I posted is from my scan, she gave me some cute ones! I loved seeing the babe and I really wish Eric was able to be there too.  He hasn’t been able to make it to any of my appointments so far due to work!  I wish he was there everytime, but really he just needs to make sure he is there one day – the day the baby is born!

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A Taste of Summer!

Lemonade and summer time go together, there’s no doubt about it.  My parents have a lemon tree growing in their yard – something that we have been talking about planting in our backyard forever. Maybe this summer we will actually get around to it. In the meantime, I can always depend on my parents for lots of yummy fresh picked lemons!

Recently, my Mom gave me a bunch of lemons along with a recipe for lemonade!  The recipe was created by my Aunt Monica in 1975, and I think it the PERFECT lemonade recipe.  What’s even better is that is it seriously SO easy, you can make this with your children, or they can probably even do it on their own (as long as you cut the lemons in half!).  I have been making pitcher after pitcher of this lemonade since my Mom gave me the recipe. It’s a hit with the whole family. I’ve even been thinking of adding some mashed up strawberries for strawberry lemonade! Yum!

Here is the recipe!

Monica’s Lemonade

8 cups (2 qts) water
10 tbsp sugar
12 tbsp lemon juice, fresh squeezed

Mix all ingredients and slice up lemons to float in the lemonade!


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