A First

Darby has been sick! Somehow she got bit by the nasty stomach bug. A first for her, and not a fun one! Vomiting has to be just about the LEAST pleasant part of parenting. Specially when it’s a toddler that doesn’t understand they are “sick” and still tries to play and color and doesn’t really want to lay in one place! We all survived and Darby is on the mend. She is doing much better today and is slowly getting an appetite back. Although all day I’ve only heard “I hungry!” once. She has enjoyed a few popsicles today and has munched on a few crackers and Gatorade galore!

Even though Darby being sick has just been miserable for all of us, Darby somehow still says the cutest things. Both yesterday and today she has said “Oh, I have fever. I hot” (even though she didn’t have a fever!) and “I have germs! I wash hands!” and goes to the bathroom sink, turns the water on and washes hands. I love that even amidst the miserableness she can still make me smile!

I, on the other hand, am all in all starting to feel better! I hope I didn’t just jinx it, but the nausea seems to be less than before! The headaches are still there, but that is just a side effect of the progesterone I’m on. I can’t really complain too much though, because without all that progesterone I wouldn’t be almost done with my 13th week!

I had a OB appointment yesterday (luckily my Mom was able to come sit with the little sicky) and I got a peek at our berry. I have an ultrasound picture I will scan ASAP and post of you to see. My Doctors ultrasound machine has seen better days, they don’t even use it for the anatomy scans anymore (they did with Darby) so the quality of the picture isn’t that great. When I have my anatomy scan, I’ll have to go somewhere else. I’m kind of sad about that, because then my Dr. wont be the one telling me the gender of our baby. It’s so special with her because of everything we went through with our losses and the successful pregnancy with Darby. Who knows, maybe she can tell me when I go in next time, I’ll almost be finished with my 17th week then, and that’s when she told us Darby was a girl!

I can’t post here without including at least one picture!  Here’s one of Darby snuggling up with our dog Billie a few weeks ago:


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  1. Ann Bramlette

    I’m so sorry that D has been sick, but glad she’s doing better. Glad your nausea has gotten better too. Can’t believe it’s been 13 weeks already! How awesome!! Can’t wait to find out what you’re having this time. Do you have any gut feelings?

    Love love love that picture! Soooo sweet!!


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