A Taste of Summer!

Lemonade and summer time go together, there’s no doubt about it.  My parents have a lemon tree growing in their yard – something that we have been talking about planting in our backyard forever. Maybe this summer we will actually get around to it. In the meantime, I can always depend on my parents for lots of yummy fresh picked lemons!

Recently, my Mom gave me a bunch of lemons along with a recipe for lemonade!  The recipe was created by my Aunt Monica in 1975, and I think it the PERFECT lemonade recipe.  What’s even better is that is it seriously SO easy, you can make this with your children, or they can probably even do it on their own (as long as you cut the lemons in half!).  I have been making pitcher after pitcher of this lemonade since my Mom gave me the recipe. It’s a hit with the whole family. I’ve even been thinking of adding some mashed up strawberries for strawberry lemonade! Yum!

Here is the recipe!

Monica’s Lemonade

8 cups (2 qts) water
10 tbsp sugar
12 tbsp lemon juice, fresh squeezed

Mix all ingredients and slice up lemons to float in the lemonade!



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One response to “A Taste of Summer!

  1. Glad to see the recipe is still being used. I had a lot of fun coming up with it that summer.

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