What’s Baking?

I am happy to say I have left the 1st trimester behind in the dust, and have moved on to bigger and better things with the 2nd trimester!  I am already feeling better, much better, and can even feel those fun baby “flutters”!  I had my NT Scan last Thursday (downs syndrome screening) and I’m happy to report that all is well with our berry!  Of course, even if we would have come across some information that would have pointed otherwise, we would use it as knowledge to prepare ourselves for life with a child that has disabilities.  We would never even consider termination. In fact, I even hate that word. Specially after everything we went through with our losses, I just can’t understand how people can do that and not value their baby’s life, even if it isn’t textbook perfect.  But, I’m not going to touch that heated debate on my blog with a 10-foot pole!!!  

I put up a poll on the right side –>->-> so VOTE! We are so excited to find out if Darby will have a baby brother or sister! The Tech at my ultrasound on Thursday gave me a guess, but it was still sort of early – I was 13 weeks 5 days, so 5 days into my 14th week.  The ultrasound picture I posted is from my scan, she gave me some cute ones! I loved seeing the babe and I really wish Eric was able to be there too.  He hasn’t been able to make it to any of my appointments so far due to work!  I wish he was there everytime, but really he just needs to make sure he is there one day – the day the baby is born!


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  1. I think it’s a boy 🙂

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