2 Years!

  Two years ago our dreams came true …

.. and now we are just living with our dream!

Little Miss Darby Lynne (named after her Great Aunt, who she shares her birthday with!) turned 2 years old yesterday! I can NOT believe we officially have a 2 year old. These past 2 years have just flown by.  I’m sure the teenage years are just around the corner! But I’m going to spare myself the anxiety, and choose to not think about those years that are to come!!

We have been so busy this past week, preparing for the BIG birthday bash we had yesterday! We celebrated Darby’s 2nd and my 30th birthdays and we had an awesome time!  Darby absolutely loved playing with all her little friends all day long!  The weather has been blazing hot but we lucked out with a semi-cooler day of only 90 degrees with a nice breeze.

Before the party Darby was able to webcam with her Auntie Mommie (her Aunt Emily), Uncle Andy and Cousin Luisa all the way from Columbia! (They are there finalizing Luisa’s adoption, pray that they are safe for the next 4 weeks!)  She opened presents for them and they got to see her reaction, we are so thankful for the wonderful technology that lets us see and hear them from so far away!

She immediately put on the 2 Disney Princess t-shirts they gave her and loved the Pooh cup! She is going to match her Cousin Luisa, she has the t-shirts too!

When Darby woke up on her birthday, we sang to her – of course! She was so cute, saying “My birthday!” She knew it was her day, smart girl!

We got her some baby sea animals (She LOVES animals. She sleeps with a big plastic crocodile!), the Tag Junior system and some books for it. When she opened her presents she said “My favorite! Thank you very much!” It was so funny!  She is so grown up already.

Pictures of the party to come!


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One response to “2 Years!

  1. Happy Birthday Darby!! You are so cute, and I’m sure you’ll never be a terrible two like Maggie is 😉

    And Happy 30th Birthday Annie!! How wonderful for you two to celebrate together. And I’m super excited for Em!!!!!

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