BIG Excitement!

As usual this weekend was a busy one!  The most exciting parts: Eric and I mosied on over to BabiesRus to register for our little dude!  Eric is so excited that we are having a boy (of course I am too, but I’m sure it’s every mans dream to have a son) so he was in 7th heaven scanning away all the necessities, along with a few fun things!  We have a lot of pink in this house, time to boy it up now!

The MOST exciting part was that Darby said…

Bye-bye to her crib!



Helloooooo BIG GIRL BED!

To help make the whole “new bed” experience more exciting, we decided that since Darby already had adorable bedding, we would buy a couple new pillow cases and a new nightie!  It did the trick!

I realize it looks a little small!  I should have bought a 3t size, but they only had the one she wanted in 2t.  Our little Amazon is just growing too fast! She was wearing a 4t shirt the other day and it fit perfectly!

I knew it wouldn’t be smooth sailing, but we had hoped for it!  It took an hour of her getting up and us laying her back down before she stayed in bed and fell asleep.  The funniest part was that she would get up and knock on the inside of her door to get our attention!  We have a video baby monitor (something I couldn’t possibly live without!) so we would know exactly when she was up and would go in there, without talking to her and lay her down.  There were a few exceptions of course, its hard not to talk to her when she is being so cute, asking you to lay down in bed with her!

Before we went to bed at 10:30 I glanced at the monitor to check that all was well.. and this is what I saw:

Not sure if she fell out or crawled out and ended up on the floor, but it gave us a good chuckle.  I went in, took a picture of course, then put her back into her bed and there she stayed until 7:30 this morning!  I couldn’t believe she slept all night without falling out again or getting up!  I’m not holding my breath, I know her getting used to her new bed is far from over.  They say 10 times to create a habit, so we have 9 more to go!  We will see how the first nap time in the new bed goes!

I just can’t believe Darby is out of her crib and getting to be such a big girl! Next stop, saying “goodbye” to the pacifier (or ‘sassy’ as she calls it!) and “goodbye” to diapers!  Not sure the order of that one, we’ve been slowly making small strides with the potty, but I don’t know how quick I want to try to switch another thing in her sleep routine after we just changed her bed out! No matter what, it will all happen eventually!



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3 responses to “BIG Excitement!

  1. Angela

    Congrats! Glad the first night went so well! Hope she continues to love her new bed! She is too adorable in that big girl bed!

  2. Go Darby! Transitioning to a bed took my kids about 3 nights…not too bad. We did it between the ages of 16 months and 20 months. Then they just treated it like a crib, meaning they would call for us to come get them in the morning. Even though they could get out on their own – it was great!! They took us seriously when we said “Night night, stay in bed”.

    Maggie is a big girl too…she’s been in 4T since the spring, and she’s only 2.5. She also still has her nuby (pacifier) for sleeping only, and I’m not too worried about taking it away, as we are potty training. One thing at a time 🙂

  3. JenMish

    I love the bed! And do I see a pillow pet? Nice! What a big girl you have now! Definatly not a baby anymore! So sweet! XOXO

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