Rock On!

I took this video yesterday before Eric gave Darby her bath.  She was rockin’ out and it was way too funny not to document!  At first when she started singing this a few days ago, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out where on earth she heard it.  But then driving around yesterday afternoon, it came on KidStuff radio – the channel we get in the Jeep on Sirus!  How quickly she picked up on this song is exactly the reason why we make sure we listen to music with appropriate lyrics!!



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4 responses to “Rock On!

  1. Rachelle

    I love it! Especially the “O!” at the end. . . “We will, we will, rock you, O!, rock you, O!” Hilarious!

  2. hello, i found your blog thru Colleen Martin’s blog, she did a post back in APril of a beautiful tutu skirt you made and sent to her daughter. I am VERY intersted in buying one for my flower girl for my upcoming wedding but i have a few questions, i’m new to Etsy…how can i ask questions before ordering?? (sorry to bother you on your blog, hope you don’t mind). THANKS!

  3. Laquita

    Darby gets cuter every day; watching her grow is so much fun, as you are well aware!

  4. That girl needs to be on stage! She’s awesome 🙂

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