We have been busy!  This summer is FLYING by, and I can’t believe it is coming to and end!  Our weekdays have been packed full with fun – playdates with friends, trips to Knotts/Disneyland, Gymboree, playing outside, going to the fair, and more!  Darby’s favorite activity I would have to guess is just playing with her friends.  It is so cute to see them interact.  At Gymboree she loves getting tackled by Jackson.  He showers her with kisses and hugs and they chase each other around squealing. It’s adorable! She loves pal-ing around with her 2 buddies Scarlett and Ivy.  They play so wonderfully together. There is RARELY a dispute, it’s usually just all giggles and fun.  Together, those 3 are VERY skilled at making a mess, but they have a great time and that’s what counts!  Darby’s shares a love of pirates with her other little friend Aubree.  Another cute pair! They too play wonderfully together and love the same things! 

Here are a few pictures of Darby having fun with her friends!

Looking at the birds at Knotts with Ivy:

Balloon ride at Knotts with Scarlett:

Playing with Jackson on the 4th of July:

In cahoots to get the fireworks package open and get the party started:

Dancing with Jackson at the concert in the park:

Darby and Aubree at Jackson’s 2nd birthday party!

Eating cupcakes: Aubree, nice and neat. Darby, another story!

Last week we went over to Aubree’s house for a playdate. The girls had a great time and Darby got to take home a Dr. Seuss watercolor painting book!  She had never painted before and loves it! It’s a great activity, not sure why I didn’t think of watercolors! They clean up so easily and anything that keeps her busy for a bit is nice! Here’s a little video I took last night of Darby enjoying painting a picture.

 The good news is: there is more fun with friends to come before the summer is officially over!  We have a trip to Disneyland and Pretend City with Scarlett and Ivy on the calendar, Aubree’s birthday party and hopefully another play date or 2, Gymboree fun with Jackson and a family camping trip over Labor Day weekend with Jackson and his Mama and Papa too!

Our little dude, a.k.a. blueberry is just growing and kicking away these days!  I am now in my 25th week and baby has hit the ‘viability’ point!  It’s so nice to know he would have a chance (20-70% I believe) at surviving outside the womb if I were to go into preterm labor (God forbid!).  We really need to get a move on his room, once the 3rd trimester hits I’m sure time is going to fly even fastern than it has been already!



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4 responses to “FRIENDS

  1. Laquita

    Darby’s so cute … a future Picasso? They used to make “paint” books, where you just touch the page with a wet paint brush and the colors appear. Don’t know if they’re still around, but there’s less mess for Mommy to clean up!

  2. holly

    Love the cupcake picture!

  3. Angela

    Sounds like D is having a great summer! She is so lucky to have a mom like you who makes everyday fun- even if that means being a birdie all afternoon! Good thing for playmates to give you some relief, especially with you being pregnant! You’re doing a great job friend!

  4. What a nice summer 🙂

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