Playdate Fun!

Here’s a quick video from a playdate with Darby’s friend Aubree the other day.  The girls – Cinderella (Darby) and Aurora (Aubree) had a great time putting on a “Princess Show” for us.  The playdate was followed by great naps for all.. including the Mamas!

Still waiting for my busy summer months to slow down! I realize we have officially said “Goodbye” to summer – but I’m waiting for the packed schedule to fade.  I guess I should stop packing the schedule and then it would slow down!  We have just been having a great time with friends and family.  For Labor Day weekend we went on a fun camping trip with our friends Mark, Rachelle and Jackson. Stay tuned for pictures and video!



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2 responses to “Playdate Fun!

  1. Laquita

    This is very cute, and so funny!

  2. “Auroras don’t shake booties!” Oh my, so funny! And just so you know, this Aurora does shake her booty for her Prince Philip 😉

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