Finn Patrick Murray!

Yesterday we had a 3d/4d ultrasound and got to see our little guy. Yes, we are sharing the name now (Eric was too excited and didn’t want to keep it a secret anymore!).  After seeing him yesterday we are even more excited for our little Finn to be here! 

From the start, if it was a girl, her name was going to be Finley Anne (named after me!) and  if it was a boy, Finn Patrick (named after my Uncle and God Father).  We were very happy when we found out that it was a boy, Finn was the only boy name we could agree on and we both just LOVED it. I did always think I would have a little Finley Anne running around with Darby so I would be lying if I didn’t say it took some adjustment in the beginning!  But now, I am just over the moon excited for our little Finn Patrick to be here with us and make us a family of 4!

Darby is already a very proud big sister!  She LOVED going to the ultrasound with us and seeing her baby brother on “tv”.  She was sitting with Eric, pointing out his nose, mouth, hands and arms. It was adorable. Some days she wakes up and declares “Baby Finn is coming today!!” I hope her excitement can continue once he IS here! 

Here are some other picture of Finn from yesterday.  He wasn’t cooperating very well at first,  but after getting up to go to the bathroom and drinking some very cold water he moved away from the placenta he was all snuggled into and let us see more of his adorable face!

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Last week, Darby and I flew to Atlanta to visit my Sister, Brother in law and Luisa, my newly adopted Niece!! (more on that soon!) We had an awesome time! I need to upload pictures and videos and post them next. 

I feel like I have so many things I want to get done and often don’t get around to them.  I guess as long as Darby is clean, fed and healthy.. and I am too and so is the house, all in all I am accomplishing everything important.  The rest will come in time!  It’s only to get worse once little Finn is here I’m sure!



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  1. He is so cute!! Look at him sucking his thumb! And I love the name. My sister-in-law wants twins, one boy and one girl named Finn and Fiona. She’s gonna be so happy for you!

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