Dreams Do Come True.

For years and years my Sister and Brother in law yearned to build their family while they struggled with infertility.  For years a little girl named Luisa was in a Columbian Orphanage/School for Girls dreaming of being adopted by an English-speaking family she could call her own.  Some may call it fate, but there is no doubt in my mind there was a higher power at work when it came to making these dreams come true! 

Many of you know that my Sister and Brother in law set out on a journey one year ago to adopt a little 10-year-old from Columbia, named Luisa.  They met Luisa over the summer through a program that brings adoptable Columbian children to the states for a few weeks to try to find them homes.  It was a year filled with stress, paperwork, financial demands and waiting, until they would be reunited with Luisa for good. 

In June, they finally received the invitation to travel to Bogotá, Columbia to finalize the adoption.  They instantly packed and off they went with barely any notice.  They were in Bogotá for 4 weeks (I think, either 4 or 5, too many!).  They were reunited with Luisa the day after they arrived, thank God there wasn’t more of a wait.  My sister documented their experience in Bogotá on her blog (email me if you are interested in following/reading up on the experience. Currently it is private but she has said she is happy to add any friends who would like to follow) and we were able to webcam with them several times a week! I love technology!

Luisa is doing wonderfully, and they are home settling in to family life.  I am beyond proud of my Sister and Brother in Law for being the heroes that they are for little Luisa, and making the choice to make her their daughter.  Many people don’t give the process much thought, and think it is easy. You pay, you get it legalized and bam you have a baby/child.  There is SO SO SO much more to it then all that.  Their journey to be parents was an emotional, physical, mental, financial challenge. 

I am so happy to have a niece, and an extra special one at that!  Darby and I absolutely LOVED meeting her for the first time a few weeks ago when we flew out for a quick visit.  Darby adores Luisa.  She slept on the trundle-bed in Luisa’s room every night we were there and since we have been home she wants to “go to school like Luisa” and “play soccer like Luisa”.  She loves her cousin!  The girls were so cute together.  Luisa has an infectious smile and is so loving and sweet.  She has the funniest sense of humor and is full of practical jokes and teasing.  It is so wonderful to see how happy she is to be calling my Sister “mommy” and Brother in law “daddy” with such love and sincerity.  They waited to hear those words for an awful long time. 

I am so happy to have been able to meet my wonderfully precious niece and welcome her as part of our growing extended family!  I am one proud Sister, Sister in Law and Tia (Spanish for Auntie!).



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4 responses to “Dreams Do Come True.

  1. Ann Bramlette

    That is awesome! She is so pretty!! So excited for your family.

  2. So happy for your family!! I’m so glad that your sister and BIL have their little girl! =D I bet they are over-the-moon happy!

  3. holly

    Luisa is so adorable! That smile is def infectious.

  4. Mandie

    OMG Annie, I am so so so happy for your sister and your extended family! What a blessing and beautiful story this is! It def brought tears to my eyes just looking at all your pics with Luisa! She is indeed a beautiful girl with such a bright smile! Your sis and bro in law are def heroes for doing this! May God bless you all daily!!!

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