Finn’s Room!

Here are a few pictures of Finn’s room so far. We are practically ready for the little guy to be here, and it’s a good thing, because at 30 weeks pregnant yesterday, we are getting SO close!

We still need to get some pictures framed for the walls and hang a shelf.  Other than that, besides a few necessities that needed to be added Finn’s room is pretty much ready to go!  Darby loves going in there and has never once said a thing about it being “her crib” or “her rocking chair”, thank goodness!  She is just as excited about the room as we are.  She is also excited about her room!

We made her room even more “big girl” at the same time we started Finn’s.  Here are a few pictures:

I can hardly believe I am working on my 31st week right now.  This pregnancy has flown by.  Our October and November is pretty booked with weddings, birthday parties, outings with friends and more! 

I’m particularly excited for this next weekend!  My Mom, Cousin Sandi and Best Friend Angela are throwing me a baby shower!! What’s going to make it EXTRA special is that my Sister, Niece and Brother In Law are all flying in for the weekend! Yep, they are flying all the way from Atlanta just for 2 days!  I am SO excited not only for the shower (who doesn’t love a party!) but to see them and have everyone I love meet my new Niece, Luisa!!! 

So that’s the baby update for now! I’m sure with how busy we are these next few weeks are going to FLY and before we know it, little Finn will be here! I can’t wait!



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4 responses to “Finn’s Room!

  1. I LOVE little Finn’s room, and Darby’s big girl room! And I am so excited for your baby shower, especially now that I see that Emily, Andrew, and Luisa will be there. Do you even know how I wish I could be there too ….. but I will be thinking about you all day.

    Aunt Monica

  2. ang

    His room looks great friend! And D’s room is just so girly, I love it! And can’t wait your shower…it will be perfect especially now that your sis and Luisa will be there!

  3. Love the rooms!

    How the heck do you get 2 baby showers? I only got the one, and then when I had Maggie after 3 boys, I thought maybe someone would throw me a girly shower. No such luck. At least I’m not bitter 🙂

  4. Ann Bramlette

    Love both rooms! So excited for you to be having a baby boy soon…they are such fun!!

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