Our October Tradition!

Growing up in Connecticut, my parents always made a point to take us to a pumpkin farm one Saturday in the fall to pick our pumpkins and have a fun family day.  Those memories (along with the Christmas tree farms!) are some of my favorite.  We always had a great time and there was something so magical about the FARM as opposed to a pumpkin patch on the side of the road next to the mall.

Continuing the tradition with my own family now, each October for the last 2 years we have taken Darby to a pumpkin farm. 

October 2008:

October 2009:

This year was no different!  Last year we thought we would start the tradition of going camping for the weekend and going to Murray Family Farms up near Bakersfied. Well, being 8 months pregnant, even camping in a trailer doesn’t sound all that exciting because it is still a lot of work to get packed up!  So this year (like the first) we decided to head to a pumpkin farm a little closer to home with some friends.  Yes there are fun pumpkin farms even near LA! Of course, it’s a little bit of a drive, but worth it for the experience, specially the experience we are giving Darby!

So yesterday we continued our fall tradition of going to the pumpkin farm for some serious family fun – along with our best friends!  Of course, I took 3 pictures of Darby when we got there and our camera battery died.  Luckily, our friends Josh and Angela (along with baby Cooper!)  had theirs handy! I need to get the pictures from them, and I will post them here ASAP!

Darby had the time of her life at the Lombardi Family Pumpkin Farm!  From pumpkins galore, fresh corn on the cob, a petting zoo, pony rides, live music, caramel apples.. they even had a Llama!  Darby LOVES Llamas.  She was one happy little girl!  The day would not have been complete with out her FIRST EVER PONY RIDE.  I have to admit, I was a little nervous she would get on that pony and want off.  I should have never wasted my nervousness.  Of course, she was totally beyond fine.  She is such a little miss independent she already. Plus she is absolutely in LOVE with pretty much all animals, especially horses!  Needless to say, she was in HEAVEN.  (Eric took a few pictures with his cell phone)

Thankfully: Angela had her fancy iPhone and took a few videos of the main event:
(If the 2nd video doesn’t work right away, come back and check again later. As I’m posting this it says its still processing!)

We had a great time! Darby picked out a white “cinderelly pumpkin” and we each got a pumpkin ourselves! More pictures to come.

This morning Darby and I were coloring together, which happens often.  I have always loved coloring, so whenever Darby requests me to color with her, I am happy to oblige!  She usually tells me what page to color in her color book, or what she would like me to draw.  It’s kind of bossy and kind of cute 🙂  This morning we were drawing pumpkins (how appropriate!) and I was VERY  impressed on Darby’s very own version of a pumpkin.  I actually could not believe she did it all by herself, with NO instruction! I was drawing a pumpkin myself at the same time and didn’t see what she did until she said “look at my pumpkin!”

She is just growing up way too fast, and we are enjoying every single minute of it!



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4 responses to “Our October Tradition!

  1. Found your blog on WordPress.

    So cute!! I come from near Bakersfield too, actually. Now I’m in Australia and would you believe they are selling pumpkins here for the first time… and they are $20 each!? Unreal!

    Enjoy your little darling! 🙂

  2. Ann Bramlette

    Love it! She is SO cute!! That is awesome that she rode the pony! Hope you guys have a fabulous Halloween!!!


  3. What a fun family day. I love days like those!

    And Darby is a budding artist, seriously! Maggie surprises me with the letters she can write, but Darby definitely has her beat on the drawings!

  4. Laquita

    Darby’s so brave, holding on to the pony with one hand, while waving with the other. Yes, she’s growing up so fast!

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