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So Much To Be Thankful For!

Things have been busy! I am in the homestretch with Finn, he really could come any day now – and that is crazy! This pregnancy has flown by.  I think I will never feel completely ready for him to be here so he just needs to show up!  The house is never clean enough, things never seem to be completely picked up (thanks to my adorable 2-year-old!) and I will always have things on my to-do list.  So whenever HE decides it’s time, I will be forced to feel ready!  My Doctor is on vacation until Saturday, so hopefully Finn will not make any decisions before then!!

Right now I’m in my 38th week and feeling good.  I have been occasionally crampy/uncomfortable with some contractions and low sharp pain.  Nothing consistent and nothing labor like – I don’t think.  With Darby I felt NOTHING until I was induced, and I can’t really compare going into natural labor to the pitocin induced hell I went through with her for those 25.5 hours! I am so happy I don’t have a lick of swelling to this point! I still have my wedding rings on!

Here’s a picture from a week and a half ago, when I finished my 36th week:

(It’s not the best picture quality, I took it on my cell phone, but its better than nothing! )

Little Finn has been moving up a storm still.  Isn’t he supposed to be running out of room this late in the game? I love feeling his little butt move back and forth across the top of my tummy.  He’s had a the hiccups a LOT lately, which means he is practicing his breathing for when he makes his big debut!

Darby is gearing up to be the Big Sister! She loves talking to Finn through my tummy, kissing it and giving it big hugs.  We have been talking recently about how once Finn is out and a little bigger, we will all go to the zoo together. She thinks that sounds pretty cool!  She is loving the “holiday season” so far.  She hangs “decorations” up in her room and talks about sitting on Santa’s lap.  It also seems like she’s figured out how Santa brings her presents, because all of a sudden she wants everything she see’s for Christmas! 

About a week ago we were over in the area by Eric’s work and decided to pop by on his lunch break to say hi.  I figured it might be the last time for a while! Darby had a great time bouncing around the courtroom (dressed as Snow White no less!) and sitting in the jurors chairs.  Here’s a video I took of her playing with one of the microphones. She is so silly!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!   There is so much to be Thankful for each and every year!  This year, I’m thankful for growing families – my 2 new nieces, and my soon to be new SON; for all my wonderful Friends – who live near and far but no matter what are always there!; for a loving Husband that is taking 3 weeks off when Finn is born to be home and help; for good health with our Parents and for my wonderful Keurig coffee maker – without which I think I wouldn’t survive!

What are you thankful for this year?

Wishing you and your families the most wonderful Thanksgiving!



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Thinking Ahead!

Yesterday we had to get new tires put on our truck and the tire place is around the corner from our neighborhood.  (Great timing I might add.  Doesn’t expensive stuff like that just come at the best times? Right before Christmas and a new baby!)  So Darby and I walked home after dropping it off, and then walked back when it was ready.  This is a conversation Darby and I had on our walk yesterday evening when we were on our way to pick it up:

Darby: Mommy? You married?
Me: Yes Darby. I married Papa!
Darby: Oh. Ya. I get married?
Me: (chuckling) Yes, one day when you are MUCH older!
Darby: Oh, ok. I marry JACKSON!!


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Halloween 2010

Halloween was a blast this year!  Darby was SO excited to get the festivities rolling and get out to trick or treat!  Personally, I think she made the CUTEST little Minnie Mouse EVER.  She even kept her ears on the whole time!  She did great going up to the door, knocking, saying “trick or treat” and “thank you”.  Pretty much every time she would turn and walk away she would announce “I got some m&m’s!”  or “I got a lollypop!”  Darby was in heaven!

I can’t believe this was Darby’s 3rd Halloween! Time is flying … and next year, Finn will be here to trick or treat with our little family too!


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