Thinking Ahead!

Yesterday we had to get new tires put on our truck and the tire place is around the corner from our neighborhood.  (Great timing I might add.  Doesn’t expensive stuff like that just come at the best times? Right before Christmas and a new baby!)  So Darby and I walked home after dropping it off, and then walked back when it was ready.  This is a conversation Darby and I had on our walk yesterday evening when we were on our way to pick it up:

Darby: Mommy? You married?
Me: Yes Darby. I married Papa!
Darby: Oh. Ya. I get married?
Me: (chuckling) Yes, one day when you are MUCH older!
Darby: Oh, ok. I marry JACKSON!!



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5 responses to “Thinking Ahead!

  1. And if Jackson doesn’t work out, my Eamon is a great catch! Does she like older men? 🙂

  2. Angela

    So cute friend! And I thought having my first boyfriend at 5 was young! She’s got me beat!

  3. Laquita

    For her age and your history with Jackson’s family, I think she made a very intelligent choice. Go Darby!

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