39 Weeks!

Finn will be here any day now!  I can not believe I am in my 40th week of this pregnancy and now just waiting for him to decide its time.  My hospital bags are packed and waiting in the car! I just pray that he isn’t too late.  After being induced with Darby, I am crossing my fingers that I go into labor naturally.  I REALLY do not want to be induced again.  But at the same time, I also don’t feel too comfortable waiting too long past my due date for him to decide he wants out.

I set up a “baby pool” on ExpectNet – http://www.expectnet.com/games/FinnPatrick – so click the link and enter your guesses for Finn’s birthday and weight! Winner gets… something. Not sure what, but go get in on the fun!!

Darby was born on the July 17th at 9:19am – after being induced on the 16th. My due date with her was July 14th.  She was 8lbs .06oz and 20.5 inches long.  The Dr did say to expect Finn to be bigger then Darby was – boys are usually bigger then girls. Yikes! Another reason why I would love for him to come by his due date!

Have fun entering your guesses, I can’t wait to see who wins!

Darby and the BIG belly!



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3 responses to “39 Weeks!

  1. It’s always puzzling to look down at a pregnant belly and think “How in the world is that baby going to come out?” and then they do! It’s amazing! Wow, you are so close to the end Anne, I hope you are feeling strong and healthy and rested. Are you going to try to go naturally? The midwife I used with Maggie doesn’t allow drugs, and I loved her so much that if I have anymore babies, I would want to use her again..although having another natural birth does make me nervous 🙂

  2. Laquita

    Love the picture at the top of the page of Darby in her little green hat!

  3. Laquita

    Since Darby Lynne was born on Great Aunt Lynne’s birthday, I think it only fair that Finn Patrick be born on Aunt Cindy’s birthday!

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