… that’s what Finn is.  Here we are, one day past my due date and he is still all snuggled warm happy as ever! I thought he would have been here by now, but that’s proving to have been a silly thought!  No matter what spicy food I eat, how much I walk or how much “romance” there is going on, he just seems to want to stay where he is!  We are SO ready for him to be here with us! 

It’s looking more and more like the little dude will be evicted (induced) sometime this week.  My appointment is tomorrow at 3:30, and we will schedule the big day then.  Honestly, I am not too excited about having to induce, but also don’t feel good about continuing to wait too far past my due date. I have come way too far to risk the placenta shutting down and something going wrong with Finn.  I know many woman wait 2 weeks past their due dates and still deliver healthy babies.  The difference is that perhaps they didn’t know exactly when they conceived and figure the due date may be “off” a bit.  We know when we conceived (I was temping/charting) so there is no question the due date is the due date!  Also with my past labor with Darby, and running into the scar tissue issue on my cervix (scar tissue from going through the 2 d&c’s with our heaven babies that prevented me from dilating properly on my own) it just seems like my hope of going into labor naturally and getting to experience a labor so different from the one with Darby just isn’t a reality.  Of course there IS always the chance that he gets the show on the road before tomorrow afternoon.  But if not, at least this time for the most part I will know what to expect!

In the meantime, we are still having fun waiting. We have been watching Christmas specials on tv like Rudolph, Frosty and the Muppets Christmas Carol.  Darby is loving it.  Last night she went and got her Santa hat, put 2 pillows on the floor, put bells around Eric’s neck and said to him “come over to my sleigh Rudolph it’s time to go to Christmas!”  It was beyond adorable!

I just can’t wait for Finn to join in the family fun!!



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2 responses to “Comfy-Cozy…

  1. Leave it to a boy to not want to leave a comfortable spot! I have always been early and would be so frustrated to be late…you seem to be handling it much better than me!! I will keep checking for updates and GOOD LUCK!

  2. Laquita

    I’m so anxious for Finn to see what a wonderful, funny family he’s going to be part of, and what great parents and big sister he has.

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