Bye-bye Baby Belly!

Since I haven’t made anymore progress (still 2cm dilated) and Finn seems more comfy and cozy then ever, we are planning to induce on Wednesday morning at 6am!  Not exactly what I had wanted or planned for, but we just don’t feel good about waiting much longer past my due date.  With scar tissue on my cervix, it’s possible I would never even dilate further then I have on my own anyway.  We aren’t going to leave that to chance and risk having Finn with us!  I’m trying my hardest not to think about how my induced labor was with Darby and hoping and praying that this induced labor is MUCH faster, and with less issues!  No matter what, the end result is what we are excited for –  our little Finn Patrick Murray!

I’m hoping he is actually born tomorrow, December 15th for a few reasons beyond wanting a shorter labor.  Finn is named after my Uncle and Godfather Pat and the 15th is my Aunt and Godmother Kass’ birthday! ALSO, it is my best friend Angela’s birthday.. and she is going to be in the room with Eric and I when the little dude arrives!  How special does that make December 15th?

The good news is hospital has Wi-Fi and we have our mini laptop packed in our hospital bag, so I will hopefully update here at some point!  Stay tuned!

(40weeks 3days and ready for Finn!)


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  1. Oh my goodness, as I am typing this, you are in the hospital being induced! How exciting!!! I’m praying for a short labor and healthy baby. Can’t wait to se the pictures of Finn 🙂

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