The Big Sister

At first Darby wasn’t too sure about Finn.  When she came to the hospital on the day he was born, she didn’t want anything to do with me in the hospital bed, and not too much to do with her new baby brother.  However, she was very happy that her new baby brother gave her a present –  a Baby Alive doll she had been asking for forever! (The ugliest doll I’ve ever seen in my opinion and absolutely gross – it eats, poops and pees!  But we figured it would be good for her to have a new baby to take care of, and she really wanted it.)

Now that we’ve been home for almost a week, she has completely fallen in love with her baby brother!  It’s so cute to see her kiss his head. She’s asked to hold him twice now and does such a great job!  She loves to read him stories and sing to him.  I’ve taken a few videos I really need to upload and share.  It’s just precious seeing her sing and read to him!



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3 responses to “The Big Sister

  1. Colleen

    Awww, so sweet! I always thought it was amazing how BIG the older kids look when you bring home a baby from the hospital 🙂 Hope you’re feeling well. Enjoy them both!!

  2. Laquita

    Darby and Finn are so cute, she will treasure these pictures forever. I hope you’re not working too hard (and that Eric isn’t working too hard either). You three must be really be keeping him on his toes!

  3. Ann Bramlette

    Precious, precious, precious! No other word for it!! She’s a great big sis!

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