Story Time with Big Sissy

Wow, my posts are few and far between these days!  But I’m sure you all understand that life with 2 kids is twice as crazy and leaves me barely any time to do things I want to do!  Miraculously (and knock on wood) BOTH kiddos are napping right now so I thought I’d pop on as quickly as I can and post while the getting is good!

Like I said, life has been crazy, but we are surviving!  Finn is getting SO big, almost 2 months old already!  Little miss Darby Doo is growing like a weed too!  I had to take her to the Dr last week (double ear infections, boo!) and she weighed 32lbs – I can NOT believe I have a 2 1/2 year old! Yikes!  Not to mention that she will be in Preschool in September. Where has the time gone? Geeze!

Here’s a video from when Finn was just 1 week old. My how the time flew! Darby still reads to Finn all the time, and (fingers crossed) since Finn is getting  less colicky (Hurray!!) the interaction is just totally adorable.  He is coo-ing and smiling up a storm and Darby just loves talking to him.

I am really hoping Finn shares in Darby’s love of books!  It is by FAR her favorite pastime – followed by coloring and dressing up in her costumes! She is even starting to memorize some of her books – like Pinkalicious – that she is reading to Finn in the video. She knows the first few pages by heart and it is adorable!



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3 responses to “Story Time with Big Sissy

  1. Laquita

    This is the cutest thing, Darby in her little pink sleeper, reading to Baby Finn! I miss seeing your updates, but can certainly understand time is a rarity now that you have two little ones. You’re doing a great job, surviving the ear infections, the colic, and all the fun things that come with being a Mommy.

  2. Angela

    So adorable! Darby is such a good big sis!

  3. Oh, this is just too sweet!! Good job getting it down on video … you will love watching it in years to come. Give those cute kiddos each a big hug from me.

    Aunt Monica

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