For Comparison

People always ask if I think Darby and Finn look-alike.  The answer is YES! While I think Darby definitely looked like a baby girl and Finn looks most definitely like a baby boy, I think they do look a LOT alike.

Darby at 2 Months:

Finn at (almost) 2 months:

Finn is definitely chunkier then I remember D being at this point, but he’s a boy!! I think I need to recreate a picture of Darby with Finn so we can really get a good comparison going on.  Maybe in my free time? 🙂 Ha!

What do you think?


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One response to “For Comparison

  1. Laquita

    I think they look alike, but Finn looks like he has a more serious side than Darby. Darby seems so funny and outgoing, but who knows? As Finn’s personality developes, he may be like Darby, and HE will be the one reading to her! Isn’t it fun watching them grow and change from day to day?

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