Two Months Old!

I can not believe Finn is already 2 months old!

At his two month check up (which was also a sick visit for poor Darby), Finn weighed in at 12lbs 10oz and is now 23 inches long – the 75th percentile! He is already wearing 3m and 3-6m sized clothes and just about in size 2 diapers!  He’s our little chubalicious!! I’m so hesitant to admit it  but he is (crossing fingers) growing out of his colic!!  I love it when he is happy, and since there is finally more of the day that he is happy then upset, I couldn’t ask for more!

He has been coo-ing and smiling for a few weeks now, and to us there isn’t much that is cuter! Here is a video I took last week.  We bought him a new high chair since Darby’s (which is wood) doubles as her chair at the table and is just well, very loved and has been well used!  He deserved something new, and we wanted him to be able to sit at the table with us when we eat dinner now.  We got a Chicco high chair that reclines so he can sit with us starting now! He loves his new high chair.  Here he is telling you about it while sitting in it:

Here is the updated slide show! I still need to find a ‘one day old’ picture to add, but here’s what we have so far!



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  1. Laquita

    So cute to see him smiling! And he sure is filling out, changing so fast since he was born! I didn’t think anyone could be as cute as Darby, but ….

    You and Eric have two darling babies (and you sure deserve them!)

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