Darby and her Parrot

Yes.  Darby has a parrot!  Her parrots name is “Parrot” and (s)he (not sure which it is, I’ll have to ask later) – flies into the room at random times.  Parrot is at the dinner table, A LOT.  We always know when Parrot is around because Darby says “flap flap” when it’s flying into the room – and Parrot always lands right on her arm or fingers.  Did I mention that Parrot repeats EVERYTHING we say?  Well, (s)he does!  Here is a video I took the other night with my iPhone.  It’s dark and hard to see, but cute none the less. 

With out further or do, here is Darby and her smart Parrot!



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2 responses to “Darby and her Parrot

  1. Laquita

    Dar;by and her parrot are too cute! She must have seen a parrot on TV and “adoped” it. You’d think that Finn would be entertainment enought without having a parrot!

  2. Angela

    Hilarious! What a wonderful imagination! Love her!

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