Happy Bubba

The paparazzi is definitely slacking these days.  When Darby was Finn’s age I’d already snapped hundreds of pictures and had dozens of photo shoots with her and it was so much fun.  This time around not only am I lacking the time to take loads of pictures, but my little subject isn’t very cooperative with smiles!  We are still crossing our fingers that Mister Colic will be cured in a few weeks. 12 more days until he is 3 months old and that is when “they” say colic clears up.  Here’s to hoping its true! Just in case it isn’t, we ordered a natural remedy called “Colic Calm” on a co-worker of Eric’s recommendation.  It should be here any day… it can’t get here quick enough!

Just like I was able to catch him in a good mood and take that video a couple of days ago, (didn’t it just melt you to see him giggling!) I was able to snap a few pictures two weeks ago during a happy moment too.  I finally got them uploaded to my laptop today and since I have a few minutes while (amazingly enough) BOTH kids nap – I’m not going to put off sharing 2 of my favorites:

I just love my Bubba!!



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2 responses to “Happy Bubba

  1. I feel exactly the same way about Jack. With Jaiden I had taken hundreds of pictures … but poor Jack doesn’t have nearly as many. Us Paparazzi Mommas need to get to work!

    I’m glad Finn’s colic “should” be clearing up soon. Just in time for teething, eh? Jack’s been super fussy now that his top teeth are coming in. So is the life of a Momma! ❤ But despite it all, I love my kiddos just like you adore yours! =D

  2. Ann Bramlette

    Those are absolutely ADORABLE!!!

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