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Darby’s 1st Haircut!

Yes, Darby is two and a half and still hadn’t reached the “first haircut” milestone… Until today!! She has never had much hair, but what she did have was starting to look so ragged no matter how pretty I tried to make it. Yesterday evening Eric and I decided a pixie cut was in order for our little princess. So this morning we headed to Cool Cuts for Kids and Cinderelly got a new do!!


Happily waiting for her hairdresser!

Loving to get a haircut, while sitting in a car and watching a Barbie movie!

Almost done!

Pretty bow to match her Cinderella dress:



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3 Months Old!

Last week Finn turned 3 months old!  Time is flying. I feel like I say that a lot, but it’s just so true!  As a 3 month old, Finn is starting to grow out of his colic (fingers crossed!).  He has good days and bad days, but all in all it seems like there is less crying and more smiles. He is getting to be quite a giggly and smiley little baby now. Thank goodness! He is also growing out of most of his clothes!

Did I mention that he is getting so big? He IS!  He loves to lay on his Baby Einstein activity mat (thanks Redondo Beach Santa!) and look/talk to the bird, star and himself – there’s a mirror.  Just last night (Sunday March 20th) he has really started trying to roll over from back to tummy.  Speaking of tummy.. he HATES tummy time! I try everyday to get him to do some tummy time but he just gets SO mad.  Maybe that is because of the colic – they say its stomach cramps/aches – so it kind of makes sense.  Even with the lack of tummy time, he is so strong.  He loves to stand and he holds his head up so well.

On his 3 month birthday (March 15) we went to Disneyland for a few hours with my Mom (Grammy Cookie).  It was his very first trip to Disneyland, and all in all he did ok.  Once we got in the park our first stop was the Baby Care Center for a diaper change, milk snack and a complementary pin! After that, his first ride was It’s A Small World and well… he fell asleep – in my Ergo carrier which he LOVES.  He also slept through the Tiki Room.  It was so packed and crowded that’s all we did, but with 2 kids it was enough for now! We will be back plenty!

Here is the updated slideshow:

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Two Months Old!

I can not believe Finn is already 2 months old!

At his two month check up (which was also a sick visit for poor Darby), Finn weighed in at 12lbs 10oz and is now 23 inches long – the 75th percentile! He is already wearing 3m and 3-6m sized clothes and just about in size 2 diapers!  He’s our little chubalicious!! I’m so hesitant to admit it  but he is (crossing fingers) growing out of his colic!!  I love it when he is happy, and since there is finally more of the day that he is happy then upset, I couldn’t ask for more!

He has been coo-ing and smiling for a few weeks now, and to us there isn’t much that is cuter! Here is a video I took last week.  We bought him a new high chair since Darby’s (which is wood) doubles as her chair at the table and is just well, very loved and has been well used!  He deserved something new, and we wanted him to be able to sit at the table with us when we eat dinner now.  We got a Chicco high chair that reclines so he can sit with us starting now! He loves his new high chair.  Here he is telling you about it while sitting in it:

Here is the updated slide show! I still need to find a ‘one day old’ picture to add, but here’s what we have so far!


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Be Mine.

Happy Valentines Day!


Darby & Finn



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For Comparison

People always ask if I think Darby and Finn look-alike.  The answer is YES! While I think Darby definitely looked like a baby girl and Finn looks most definitely like a baby boy, I think they do look a LOT alike.

Darby at 2 Months:

Finn at (almost) 2 months:

Finn is definitely chunkier then I remember D being at this point, but he’s a boy!! I think I need to recreate a picture of Darby with Finn so we can really get a good comparison going on.  Maybe in my free time? 🙂 Ha!

What do you think?

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Story Time with Big Sissy

Wow, my posts are few and far between these days!  But I’m sure you all understand that life with 2 kids is twice as crazy and leaves me barely any time to do things I want to do!  Miraculously (and knock on wood) BOTH kiddos are napping right now so I thought I’d pop on as quickly as I can and post while the getting is good!

Like I said, life has been crazy, but we are surviving!  Finn is getting SO big, almost 2 months old already!  Little miss Darby Doo is growing like a weed too!  I had to take her to the Dr last week (double ear infections, boo!) and she weighed 32lbs – I can NOT believe I have a 2 1/2 year old! Yikes!  Not to mention that she will be in Preschool in September. Where has the time gone? Geeze!

Here’s a video from when Finn was just 1 week old. My how the time flew! Darby still reads to Finn all the time, and (fingers crossed) since Finn is getting  less colicky (Hurray!!) the interaction is just totally adorable.  He is coo-ing and smiling up a storm and Darby just loves talking to him.

I am really hoping Finn shares in Darby’s love of books!  It is by FAR her favorite pastime – followed by coloring and dressing up in her costumes! She is even starting to memorize some of her books – like Pinkalicious – that she is reading to Finn in the video. She knows the first few pages by heart and it is adorable!


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Catching Up!

It has only taken me all afternoon (literally) to get this post up!  Seems to be the norm around here lately!! Poor Finn has been colicky and so congested, I headed to the doctor on Friday with a slew of questions.  The Doctor assured me that this is “normal” (Darby must have been an exception because she NEVER cried like this and was never sick!). Needless to say the list of “to do’s” is just gigantic!

Today Finn is 1 month old!

In honor of Finn’s 1 month birthday, I made an extra effort to get a slideshow together of pictures from his birth and a few days after with some of the friends/family that stopped by to meet him!  I didn’t get pictures of everyone (sorry!) but even though, we were so happy to those who did stop by.  With it being the cold/flu season, Finn still has a lot of friends to meet! 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One of these days I hope to get up Finn’s Birth Story to share, but seeing as it took me an entire afternoon to get this far – and it’s dinner time – it’s going to have to wait for awhile!


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