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Darby’s 1st Haircut!

Yes, Darby is two and a half and still hadn’t reached the “first haircut” milestone… Until today!! She has never had much hair, but what she did have was starting to look so ragged no matter how pretty I tried to make it. Yesterday evening Eric and I decided a pixie cut was in order for our little princess. So this morning we headed to Cool Cuts for Kids and Cinderelly got a new do!!


Happily waiting for her hairdresser!

Loving to get a haircut, while sitting in a car and watching a Barbie movie!

Almost done!

Pretty bow to match her Cinderella dress:



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Catching Up!

It has only taken me all afternoon (literally) to get this post up!  Seems to be the norm around here lately!! Poor Finn has been colicky and so congested, I headed to the doctor on Friday with a slew of questions.  The Doctor assured me that this is “normal” (Darby must have been an exception because she NEVER cried like this and was never sick!). Needless to say the list of “to do’s” is just gigantic!

Today Finn is 1 month old!

In honor of Finn’s 1 month birthday, I made an extra effort to get a slideshow together of pictures from his birth and a few days after with some of the friends/family that stopped by to meet him!  I didn’t get pictures of everyone (sorry!) but even though, we were so happy to those who did stop by.  With it being the cold/flu season, Finn still has a lot of friends to meet! 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One of these days I hope to get up Finn’s Birth Story to share, but seeing as it took me an entire afternoon to get this far – and it’s dinner time – it’s going to have to wait for awhile!


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Here I Am!

Things are busy over here, but we are surviving!  After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, colds for every member of our family (including little Finn!), termites in the garage (and who knows where else – real thrilled about that!) and Eric making it back to work – the kids and I are in SOME WHAT of a routine.  Well, that might be pushing it a little, but I like to think so.  Everyday is different in its own way, but I can count on a few things:  Darby will take a nap for at least and hour and a half and come hell or high water I will get myself in the shower at some point!

Regardless of the challenges, I LOVE our family of 4 and wouldn’t have it any other way. Plus, people make it with a lot more kids than two.  Two is totally manageable.  Although MORE manageable when Eric is home then when he is not 🙂 Just saying.

I can not believe Finn is almost 4 weeks old! Where did those weeks go!? He is almost a full month old.  He is a MUCH more fussy baby then Darby was. I don’t think Darby ever really cried unless she was hungry or teething.  Finn is a different story, and it’s been a challenge, but slowly we are figuring out what works to help him .. and what does not!  He is a champion nurser, a booby baby thru and thru.  Back when he was 5 days old he weighed 7lbs 13 oz and when he was a week and 5 days old he weighed in at 8lbs 9oz! That’s almost a pound in a week!  It was relieving to know that all the cluster feedings and power nursing wasn’t for not!

I have a lot to catch you all up on – pictures from his birth and birth story, the holidays and just cute moments in general. Hang in there with me while I get caught up.  I’m not making any promises on when that will be exactly, but it will happen!

For now, here’s a few to tide you over!

I think they look so much alike in these two pictures!

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The Big Sister

At first Darby wasn’t too sure about Finn.  When she came to the hospital on the day he was born, she didn’t want anything to do with me in the hospital bed, and not too much to do with her new baby brother.  However, she was very happy that her new baby brother gave her a present –  a Baby Alive doll she had been asking for forever! (The ugliest doll I’ve ever seen in my opinion and absolutely gross – it eats, poops and pees!  But we figured it would be good for her to have a new baby to take care of, and she really wanted it.)

Now that we’ve been home for almost a week, she has completely fallen in love with her baby brother!  It’s so cute to see her kiss his head. She’s asked to hold him twice now and does such a great job!  She loves to read him stories and sing to him.  I’ve taken a few videos I really need to upload and share.  It’s just precious seeing her sing and read to him!


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Finn Patrick Murray!

Just arrived!

Our little Santa Baby getting ready to go home!

Ready to hit the road for home!

I still need to upload pictures from my camera, so stand by for more! Things are pretty busy around here while we are getting settled into being a family of 4!!


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He’s Here!

Finn Patrick was born today at 4:28pm after 4 and a half pushes within 8 minutes!! He weighs 7lbs 15oz and is 20.5″ long. Just perfect! I’m posting from mu iPod and trying to figure out how to post a picture. I’ll get one up as soon as possible! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!!


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Bye-bye Baby Belly!

Since I haven’t made anymore progress (still 2cm dilated) and Finn seems more comfy and cozy then ever, we are planning to induce on Wednesday morning at 6am!  Not exactly what I had wanted or planned for, but we just don’t feel good about waiting much longer past my due date.  With scar tissue on my cervix, it’s possible I would never even dilate further then I have on my own anyway.  We aren’t going to leave that to chance and risk having Finn with us!  I’m trying my hardest not to think about how my induced labor was with Darby and hoping and praying that this induced labor is MUCH faster, and with less issues!  No matter what, the end result is what we are excited for –  our little Finn Patrick Murray!

I’m hoping he is actually born tomorrow, December 15th for a few reasons beyond wanting a shorter labor.  Finn is named after my Uncle and Godfather Pat and the 15th is my Aunt and Godmother Kass’ birthday! ALSO, it is my best friend Angela’s birthday.. and she is going to be in the room with Eric and I when the little dude arrives!  How special does that make December 15th?

The good news is hospital has Wi-Fi and we have our mini laptop packed in our hospital bag, so I will hopefully update here at some point!  Stay tuned!

(40weeks 3days and ready for Finn!)

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