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What’s New With Our Blueberry

I realize that besides sharing the “it’s a boy!” news, I haven’t said much about our little bun baking in the oven! One things for sure, it IS totally different the 2nd time around! I can not believe I’m more than halfway done right now, time is just speeding by.  Our little Blueberry is already much more active than Darby was, I’ve gotten some good kicks and even wake up at night feeling him partying in there.  Just about every time I listen to his heartbeat with the doppler, he gives it a big kick!

Darby is still getting used to the idea of a baby brother instead of baby sister.  I went for a routine check up today with the OB and Darby was still telling Dr. Gonzalez that it was a baby sister!  One thing is for sure though, she does understand there’s a baby in mommys belly and its so cute.  The other day I was walking down the hall and she came running up to me and said “is that the baby in mommys belly?” and pointed to it.  Then she said “I see”, lifted up my shirt, patted my belly and gave it a big kiss! It was adorable! 

I know a lot of you are wondering – yes, we’ve picked a name! We actually had a girl name and boy name already picked out, first and middle, before we found out the gender! We don’t agree on much, Darby was all we could agree on the first time around, so its good she was a girl! This time, we were prepared either way. We haven’t completely decided WHEN we are telling everyone his name, personally I am pretty stuck on waiting until he is born! Eric goes through phases where he really wants to tell people, pretty much almost spills the beans but also agree’s with me at the same time!  Really, as long as we know what we are going to be naming our son, in my opinion that’s what really matters. Sorry, but everyone else can wait! 🙂

We have picked out paint colors, bedding and are planning on just using Darby’s crib (it’s a little feminine, but we are just going to boy it up because its cheaper than buying a new one!).  The plan is to get started soon with painting, getting Darby into a toddler bed, toys moved out of the “playroom” and fixing up the new nursery.  With how quickly time is flying plus holidays coming up, friend and family weddings, potty training, travel and LIFE, if we don’t start soon, we will never get it all done!

The bedding was a steal (in the baby crib bedding world!) I got it on clearance for $45 bucks at Target! Normally you will spend at LEAST $150 if not more on bedding. Of course all stuff we really loved was like $400!  We were happy/lucky to find something SO reasonably priced that we liked.

Our little Blueberry got his very first outfit from his Grammy Cookie and Grandad –

I just LOVE it! I seriously can not wait to put him in it! We aren’t huge fans of the cutesy clothes for boys with teddy bears and stuff, so this little sleeper was right up our alley. I wish I could find more in other colors! How cute would red or green be for Christmas? With a little Santa hat!  What a perfect Christmas present we are getting this year!!


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Birthday Bash Pictures!

We had a GREAT time! The pictures tell all:

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Birthday Fun #1!

Here’s a video of D right after she opened the presents we gave her on her Birthday! She is too funny, I still can’t help but laugh when I watch this! More to come, enjoy!


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2 Years!

  Two years ago our dreams came true …

.. and now we are just living with our dream!

Little Miss Darby Lynne (named after her Great Aunt, who she shares her birthday with!) turned 2 years old yesterday! I can NOT believe we officially have a 2 year old. These past 2 years have just flown by.  I’m sure the teenage years are just around the corner! But I’m going to spare myself the anxiety, and choose to not think about those years that are to come!!

We have been so busy this past week, preparing for the BIG birthday bash we had yesterday! We celebrated Darby’s 2nd and my 30th birthdays and we had an awesome time!  Darby absolutely loved playing with all her little friends all day long!  The weather has been blazing hot but we lucked out with a semi-cooler day of only 90 degrees with a nice breeze.

Before the party Darby was able to webcam with her Auntie Mommie (her Aunt Emily), Uncle Andy and Cousin Luisa all the way from Columbia! (They are there finalizing Luisa’s adoption, pray that they are safe for the next 4 weeks!)  She opened presents for them and they got to see her reaction, we are so thankful for the wonderful technology that lets us see and hear them from so far away!

She immediately put on the 2 Disney Princess t-shirts they gave her and loved the Pooh cup! She is going to match her Cousin Luisa, she has the t-shirts too!

When Darby woke up on her birthday, we sang to her – of course! She was so cute, saying “My birthday!” She knew it was her day, smart girl!

We got her some baby sea animals (She LOVES animals. She sleeps with a big plastic crocodile!), the Tag Junior system and some books for it. When she opened her presents she said “My favorite! Thank you very much!” It was so funny!  She is so grown up already.

Pictures of the party to come!

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Introducing: Our Crazy Dancing Darby

Shows performed DAILY! Enjoy!


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